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SalesPredict rolls out Predictive Revenue Automation - FierceCMO

SalesPredict rolls out Predictive Revenue Automation - FierceCMO | The MarTech Digest |
Predictive B2B technology specialist SalesPredict unveiled its Predictive Revenue Automation solution aimed at helping B2B marketers make predictive, revenue-centric decisions about marketing investments and campaigns.

The new platform (the first modules of which started rolling out in March) includes fully automated predictive advertising thanks to a partnership with ad platform AdRoll. B2B marketers can now use SalesPredict for predictive scoring, segmentation and insights to pinpoint the best potential target leads and/or account-based marketing accounts, and in just a few clicks, launch a campaign to target them, or lookalikes, via the AdRoll advertising network.

The Predictive Revenue Automation platform offers transparent predictive lead, account and opportunity scoring, automated predictive advertising for display and Facebook ads via AdRoll (with a Twitter integration on the horizon), and automated account micro-segmentation and persona definition for ABM tactics.
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SalesPredict Now Offering Predictive Demand Generation for B2B Marketing - SalesPredict

SalesPredict Now Offering Predictive Demand Generation for B2B Marketing - SalesPredict | The MarTech Digest |
SalesPredict, a leader in predictive B2B marketing solutions, today announced that its latest release supports predictive demand generation for B2B companies. This is the company’s first step towards providing a completely automated, predictive solution for Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, SalesPredict helps marketers drive more revenue by providing accurate predictive scores for their current leads and accounts, valuable insights into the factors behind the scores, plus automated segmentation. Now, using those scores and insights, SalesPredict can also deliver net-new, highly-targeted sales accounts and leads that are 2x-4x more likely to convert. SalesPredict will expand these demand gen capabilities to include an automated process for launching ABM campaigns to targeted segments through a variety of ad network partners.


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