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October 23, 2014



In a surprising announcement, a marketing analyst company confirms that weather has a profound impact on B2B conversion rates across a variety of channels, thus providing B2B marketers with yet another predictive variable with which to work in order to maximize campaign ROI.


In a new report from Lú written by Chief Analyst Jack Napier, a variety of weather factors have been found to impact B2B conversion rates, ranging from temperature, humidity, barometer readings and heat index. In some cases, the pollen count also impacted CTRs and conversions.


“After applying a variety of algorithms across a large database of B2B campaign reports, we found that there is an inverse relationship between temperature and conversions: simply put, the higher the temperature, the lower the conversion rate,” said Mr. Napier. “The same holds true with a variety of other weather metrics, i.e., the higher the metric, the lower the conversion rate.”


After discovering this inverse relationship, Napier went to work on multivariate analysis, studying the impact of a variety of different combined weather variables and its impact on performance. The result is a complex table referred to as the J.O.K.R. engine, where a user can enter a variety of weather variables to see the subsequent impact on marketing performance metrics, including email, social, social advertising, content marketing, etc. The J.O.K.R. engine is available only to Lú clients.


Interestingly, the engine includes an entry field for the day of the week and the time of day. “We have also found that the day of the week combined with weather patterns will have different results. Not only that, there is some preliminary evidence that tidal levels combined with weather will change results, so we will shortly be adding this variable to the J.O.K.R. engine as well,” said Napier.


“We anticipate that these finding will start a whole new marketing discipline, where companies will emerge with a variety of services predicting weather patterns and subsequent conversion rates. Once we complete our weather studies, we next plan to tackle polar bear migration’s impact on B2B marketing performance.”


You can read a report summary here.


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