Can Michael Seifert's Sitecore Be The Customer Experience Management Platform of The Future? - Forbes | The MarTech Digest |


“Marketing is in this super interesting position today.  Sales has a CRM system, finance has an ERP system, while marketing has this patchwork of mess that they have to deal with every day.  They have a lot of tools, and individually, the tools are great, and serve a specific purpose of e-mailing or working on social channels, or publishing to the web. But each tool works only on that channel, and is limited to the results from that channel. Where is the ERP of marketing? Where is that tool where you understand your customers and where you can figure out how to provide a better experience to your customers?  That’s essentially the race I see going on right now, and that’s what we’ve called the experience platform,” continues Seifert.


What does the future hold for Sitecore? “I like to say that we have built an experience cloud.  Everybody else seems to have a marketing cloud.  From my point of view, it’s all about the customer experience.  Over the next three, five years, it will be all about reducing complexity for marketing. That complexity needs to draw down.  It’s an insane waste of time in marketing,” continues Seifert.  If marketing is all about understanding and satisfying customer needs, then Seifert believes Sitecore is well positioned to be the “ERP” platform for the marketing department.



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