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To give you a taste of what types of niche social networks exist, here is a list of 10 that cover a range of industries and topics.

1. Sharebloc

Recently launched into public beta, ShareBloc is a network for sales and marketing professionals.

2. Oilpro

Oilpro.com, a network designed to give industry professionals a place to exchange ideas, share knowledge and expertise, and stay on top of the latest news and trends.

3. Active Rain

Active Rain is a social network for real estate agents and brokers. Unlike the previous two, it has been around since 2006.

4. Social Moms

Formerly known as Twitter Moms, this network for digitally savvy mothers was started in 2008 by Megan Calhoun as a way to virtually connect with other stay at home moms.

5. Dogster and Catster

No greater group of "passionistas" exist than dog and cat lovers, and they are well represented by sister social networks, Dogster and Catster.

6. Kaboodle

Launched in 2007, Kaboodle is the social shopping site that gives users the ability to discover products, share their taste in style, and communicate with other fashion-conscious community members.

7. ThirdAge

ThirdAge is a social network that addresses topics of concern to Baby Boomers and Seniors. It is representative of a class of networks that includes Eons, Gather and TBD.

8. Patients Like Me

It is a place where patients with chronic illnesses and their caregivers learn from each other, provide emotional support and get the latest information on treatment options. =

9. Pintley

Thanks to Pintley, craft beer lovers now have a place to call their own. It's a peer-to-peer network where members write reviews, share recommendations and get together in real-world settings for beer tastings.

10. Care2

The final site to make the list is Care2, a community of people devoted to healthy living and green lifestyles. Founded in 1998, it is also the oldest network of those listed.



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