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Five Tips to Choosing and Using Stock Photos for B2B Websites - B2B News Network

Five Tips to Choosing and Using Stock Photos for B2B Websites - B2B News Network | The MarTech Digest |

"Are you using the right stock photos for your business? Follow these tips:

  • Stick to your business. Make sure you’re always choosing images related to your industry.
  • Pick a style. For a professional look, choose images with a cohesive style – same color grading, setting, same models, etc.
  • Remember the ‘it’ factor. Find something in the stock photos to make your company stand out from all the other B2Bs. 
  • Go from ideal to real. Utilizing an imperfect image emphasizes your businesses authenticity and relatability to clients. 
  • Play the emotions card. The general public is set to be more responsive to emotions than to anything else. Play the emotions card and you will win them. "
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Basic rules for the road. Search this blog for stock photo sources.


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The Free Stock Photos You've Been Searching For (No Royalties, No Fees, No Worries) - HubSpot

The Free Stock Photos You've Been Searching For (No Royalties, No Fees, No Worries) - HubSpot | The MarTech Digest |

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Free stuff behind a reg form.

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Eight free image resources for your website or blog - Econsultancy | #TheMarketingTechAlert

Eight free image resources for your website or blog - Econsultancy | #TheMarketingTechAlert | The MarTech Digest |
If you own a website or write a blog then you're probably in need of a constant supply of stock images.

Basic/ Summarized...

1) Google Images

2) Freerange Stock 

3) MorgueFile

4) Flickr


6) Stock.xchng





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Worthwhile list provided by Econsultancy. Be sure to review license agreements.

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