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What is structured content? - Biznology

What is structured content? - Biznology | The MarTech Digest |
By structured content, we mean small content modules that are tagged for use by different devices, applications, or media types.

Structured content is fast emerging as a necessity for content marketers for a variety of reasons, including search, reuse, and content merchandising applications. The main reason for structured content is adaptive content strategy; meaning, different devices need to display different content depending on the use case. It’s not enough to code your pages as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), per Google’s specs. Though important, AMP pages just improve load times for your mobile users. You also have to deliver on the promise of offering different experiences to your users depending on the device. That means not just responsive design, but adaptive content.
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What CMOs Need To Know About Google's New Structured Snippets - Marketing Land

What CMOs Need To Know About Google's New Structured Snippets - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |
Columnist Danny Sullivan explains a recent change in Google's search engine results pages in terms tailored for busy CMOs making critical decisions.


With the structured snippets, Google is trying to organize some of that information — to give it structure — so that it understand certain facts like camera weight or other data points. Often, Google is better able to understand it because the information is in a chart or table.


Google’s only been doing structured snippets for a few weeks, so it’s too early to say if it’s having an impact that causes sites to lose traffic. Direct Answers have been around longer; and so far, there’s been no major reports of many sites losing traffic because of them. Given this, structured snippets probably won’t be a major cause for concern.


Google’s really looking to see if you have key information about a product or service listed in a table. If you can give information about a product structure by organizing it into a nice table that helps increase the odds Google will extract parts of your table to use in structured snippets.



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The argument is that too much information will be provided as a part of the snippet so that searchers are not compelled to visit. If your snippet is compelling, you shouldn't have anything about which to worry.

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