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How to Build a Web-Based Tool to Grow Your Email List - SEMrush

How to Build a Web-Based Tool to Grow Your Email List - SEMrush | The MarTech Digest |
Step 1: Come Up with a Web-Based Tool Idea

Step 2: Create a Minimum Viable Product

Step 3: Develop Your Tool

There are two ways to do this: In-house or by hiring a developer. Of course, each has its pros and cons.

Step 4: Promote Your Tool
CYDigital/'s insight:

Not easy. It really has to point to an inconvenience. CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer is a great example.


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Come up with ideas and grow your email list!
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Why Creating Tools Can be a Better Investment Than Creating Content - QuickSprout | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Why Creating Tools Can be a Better Investment Than Creating Content - QuickSprout | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |

Key excerpt...

If you want similar results, you can add a free tool to your website, but before you do, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationWhatever you end up creating, make sure it is easy to use. Creating a complicated product that is feature rich won’t get you as far as creating a simple product.
  • Build for others, not yourself  – before you start building any product, you should survey your visitors and figure out what they want. If you build something that solves their problems, it’s more likely to be successful.
  • Wireframe before you design and develop – once you know what your visitors want you to build, make sure you wireframe it before you start the design and development process. Once you have wireframes, go back to your visitors and get feedback to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Design before you code – I’ve found that it’s easier and cheaper from a development standpoint if you have your designs completed before the development process starts. This way your engineers won’t overdevelop.
  • One domain is better than two – in most cases, you are better off launching your product on your existing domain… especially if your existing domain has traffic. My co-founder and I have tried creating tools on separate sites, and they typically haven’t done as well. If you launch your tool on a separate domain name, be prepared to spend triple the amount of time marketing it.



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CYDigital/'s insight:

Creating a tool is (almost) akin to creating a software app. Will it provide you with a better return than content? Absolutely. Is there a required level of effort that is software dev related (think agile)? Definitely. If you don't have this background, you WILL get hosed.

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