Email Marketing: 6 Types of Transactional Emails - Marketo | The MarTech Digest |

Here are a few best practices to consider as you’re developing your transactional email campaign:

  • Send it from a recognized ‘From’ address. 
  • Use a subject line that clearly summarizes the purpose of the email. 
  • Write copy that acknowledges and thanks the subscriber for their activity and conveys excellent customer service. 
  • Include a recognizable and clickable brand logo and incorporate your brand colors to boost brand recognition.
  • Use links that serve a specific purpose.
  • Be friendly, informative, and timely.


Here are six types of transactional emails you can send your subscribers based on their behavior:

1. Email Address Confirmation/Registration Emails
2. Password Resets
3. Order Confirmation Emails and Purchase Receipts
4. Feedback Emails
5. Reactivation Emails
6. Website/App Extension Emails