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Optimizing for Voice Search & the Future | TopRank Marketing Blog

Optimizing for Voice Search & the Future | TopRank Marketing Blog | The MarTech Digest |
Focus on Featured Snippets
In addition to speeding up the way people are receiving answers on Google, we know that featured snippets drive more organic website traffic, too. Featured snippets can help you leapfrog competition on a SERP to gain more visibility as opposed to only relying on a main keyword ranking. 

Use Conversational Keywords
They help reveal the intent more clearly than the “money” (or more traditional) keywords. This often leads to longer queries for voice searches.

Add Structured Data Markup
Schema markup helps search engines understand what the content is on websites. By helping search engines understand the context of the content, they can provide more informative results for users. 
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Why It’s Critical for Marketers to Embrace Voice in 2017 - Chiefmarketer

Why It’s Critical for Marketers to Embrace Voice in 2017 - Chiefmarketer | The MarTech Digest |
Here are four considerations if you want to drive more conversions from voice search:

  • Understand What Makes Voice Search Different: Voice search queries tend to be longer. In 2004, most searches were two or three words. Ten years later, search queries could be 27 or more words. Voice searches also tend to be more specific (for example, searching for “find the closest store that sells men’s black leather cowboy boots” instead of just “cowboy boots”).
  • Analyze Your Longer Tail Keywords to Find Patterns: Since voice searches are usually more natural and conversational, keyword optimization should fit this new long tail landscape. Test variations on how people would naturally explain their needs in a query.
  • Use Modified Broad Match Keywords: Modified broad match lets you specify that specific broad match keywords or close variants (such as + pizza + Chicago + delivery) must appear to show your search ad. So even if the voice search is 30 words, as long as three of those are “pizza,” “Chicago,” and “delivery” your ad will appear.
  • Negative Out Keywords That Aren’t Driving Customers: As you test and refine your keyword list for voice search, be sure to negative any words from modified broad match that indicate the searcher is not a potential customer.
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