Digital Marketers: 'Insanely Ambitious' Wolfram Language Tools Coming Soon - Search Engine Watch  | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |
Stephen Wolfram recently shared a sneak peek at his new knowledge-based programming language -- a system he promises is "insanely more ambitious" than Google's Knowledge Graph. The possibilities for marketers warrant keeping a close eye.

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We beg for ways to integrate, to break down silos, to make the processes and systems in marketing work together. We crave automation while demanding deeper insight into consumer behaviors, desires and actions. With his new language, Stephen Wolfram may well be laying the groundwork for a new era of truly integrated marketing. The possibilities warrant keeping a close eye on related products, as they're released in upcoming months:

-- >  Compute cliques and cohesive groups in a social network (think about that for a minute; imagine the possibilities if this were not only automated, but integrated with web design and content creation/deployment software).

-- >  Create dynamic visualizations with animations, dynamic annotation, or even sound.

-- >  Deploy image recognition features for detecting and extracting features in images and other arrays of data; use face detection, detect edges in images, or track objects in an image sequence.



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